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Food Truck Business is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s economy. Food trucks require less investment and start up cost than a brick and mortar restaurant business and are a practical way to bring your own unique culinary ideas to the people.

Builds & Remodels

We strive to build the best food trucks in the industry. Our trucks wired internally, with no visible conduits or junction boxes. We insulate the entire vehicle and frame it with aluminum studs and wood panels for strength, then cover the walls with stainless steel and ceiling with anodized aluminum.  We install commercial gas appliances to suit your needs, making sure that appliance fronts align with each other and each appliance is placed with your workflow in mind. Our trucks are outfitted with internal generator bays and easy-open awnings with serving windows that open vertically. The interiors are brightly lit with sealed flourescents, and we install exterior lighting and sound systems.

Geft businesses throughout the nation. We are providing high-quality steel, aluminum, and stainless steel components  to ensure your order’s accuracy and on-time delivery. Our company  is one of the best in the industry, our work of modifications allowing us to provide our clients with the custom food truck they need.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities:

When it comes to finding a quality work, it’s important to look for one that will provide the customized  per your specifications. Many companies only offer a basic work, which can make it difficult to accommodate your needs. At Global Expert Foodtrucks, you can rely on us to provide all of your needs. We truly are a one-stop solution.

High Quality Standard

We install only high quality steel and material work and with quality installation processes that make sure your new truck rules

Delivered On Time

Global Expert food truck Company delivers your food truck on time we strive to me the promised date that we provide during our quote process


Global Expert Food truck Company Offers a 2 year warranty for each premier food truck that we built.
we support and facilitates with repair process for any warranty craftsmanship issues

Geft is a premier custom food truck manufacturer specialist. We are dedicated to keeping our customers competitive in their field by providing them with quality custom


Feel free to contact us via email or phone. We welcome the opportunity to quote your project, or to connect with you as a potential vendor.

Over Few years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best services